Monthly Group Spiritual Clearings

From April 2024, I’ll be rolling out a Group Spiritual Clearing Offering!

Essentially, I would be performing the usual spiritual clearing on people but the difference between this offering and my #remotespiritualclearing offering is:

  • I perform this on the 1st of each month by 8.30pm only on everyone who has signed up to receive the group spiritual clearing; and
  • You will not receive an email summary from me with what was removed from you (as this is a group clearing, it’s too difficult for me to tune into each individual and tell you exactly what was removed).

You can make an one-off purchase for this or sign up to a monthly subscription which will debit the funds from your card on the date your specify. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time.

The Remote Spiritual Clearing sessions should be purchased if you are wanting something done within the month and/or want a summary of what is going on and/or need a clearing done ASAP.

If you purchase the one-off group spiritual clearings during the month, this will be for the next group spiritual clearing (i.e. the 1st of the month after your payment).

If you have purchased the group spiritual clearing but then needed a remote spiritual clearing urgently during that month, you will have the option to either pay the difference to convert the group to a remote clearing OR purchase a remote spiritual clearing and then still get your group clearing on the 1st of the following month.