A shamanic healing is a type of energy healing which is based on the shamanic practitioner (me) accessing information and medicine from other dimensions via my (and your) spirit guides and bringing it back and applying it to you. It is a form of channelling energy and so much more! Shamanic healing can identify energy imbalances around the energetic body and work to bring your body back into a state of balance.

The energy imbalances can be related to a physical condition but may also be related to some underlying emotional/mental/spiritual thought pattern, conditioning or belief.

Shamanic healing sessions have the ability to focus on looking at your existing thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors, understand why they are like that, and work to changing these so that you can achieve what it is what you want to do in your life. I regard it as healing at the soul level.

Each shamanic healing session is extremely intuitive – I work with my and your guides and spiritual team, and they direct me to what is required to be worked on at that point in time.

What type of shamanic stuff do you do?

Pretty much anything that the guides direct me to do. Some shamanic healing techniques include:

  • chakra clearing and repair
  • energetic body upgrades
  • aura healing (including closing of portals)
  • past life healing (including untangling of multiple timelines)
  • soul contracts
  • inner child healing
  • resetting your system
  • cord cutting
  • soul retrieval
  • entity removals
  • black magic and sorcery healing and curse removal
  • light codes and energetic initiations
  • ancestral line and ancestral trauma healing
  • divine feminine and divine masculine healing
  • womb healing
  • psychic surgery, etc.

It’s common for the guides to bring through new techniques whilst I’m working on people so that list is not exhaustive!

Also, I advise not to be so fixated on the type of technique you want to get during a session as it might not be what you actually need. Just go with the flow and be open to how your soul directs the session. All you need to do is show up! The rest will happen as it is meant to.

Do we have to talk a lot during a shamanic session? How much talking are we going to do?

It depends on what’s necessary in the session. In some sessions, we won’t talk at all, I’ll just work with your guides on your physical/energetic body.

In other sessions, I guide and empower you to facilitate the particular healing on yourself (e.g. I may ask you to visualise breaking certain contracts and vows in the issue is in relation to a past life or soul contract). Sometimes I channel messages from your guides or higher self as well – it normally comes out in the form of a normal conversation but my brain doesn’t realise it until the words have left my mouth! So pay attention to what I say as there are times I won’t even remember I’ve said it!

Will you be touching me? Do I need to take my clothes off?

You will be fully clothed during the session. I may work purely hands off, so just within your energetic field, or I may be drawn to place my hands on an area of your body. I will always ask your permission before I do this. Sometimes during the session you may experience physical sensations like tingling, energy flowing through your body, nerve discharges, feel really relaxed or, to be honest, you fall asleep! It is not uncommon for emotions or memories to come up as well.

If you do experience emotions, my advice is to allow them to come up!

Obviously if we’re doing the session via Zoom or the phone, I won’t be touching you.

During a session it is more likely than not that you will hear me whistle, cough or breathe out loudly, or you might actually see my body shake or shudder. Don’t be alarmed, that is my way of shifting the energies and is perfectly normal! If there is real stagnant energy, you might even hear me cough and dry retch (not the nicest ways of shifting energy but effective)!

What tools do you use during a shamanic healing session?

What I use will depend on what I am guided to use for that session. Sometimes I will not need any tools, other times, I might use tools such as:

  • crystals
  • pendulum
  • essential oils
  • essences/sprays/Aura Soma
  • sound (e.g. chants, mantras, singing, drumming, whistling, tibetan bowls, chimes or bells, Native American flute, clapsticks, etc)
  • dancing/movement (that’ll generally be me moving and dancing to bring in certain energies – not you, don’t worry!)
  • oracle cards
  • animal medicine
  • guided meditation.

Do you work with plant medicine?

No. I have not been taught plant medicine and do not perform plant medicine ceremonies. My personal belief is that you do not need to use plant medicine to access alternate realities and you can do that via something simple like drumming, guided meditation or just an intention to connect.

Can you do this via online or over the phone?

Yes I can. I’ve done many shamanic sessions over Zoom or via the phone. The healing effects are exactly the same as if you saw me in person for the healing.

Why should I do a shamanic healing?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same pattern (whether it’s with a particular person or a general situation) and can’t manage to find your way out of it no matter what you do? Do you have a particular condition where you’ve seen so many health practitioners and nothing seems to work? Are you feeling tired, have low energy, stressed out, anxious, mentally exhausted or lacking direction in your life and don’t know why? Do you just want to learn more about yourself and access your true potential?

A shamanic healing session can dig deep into the reasons as to why you feel a certain way and often uncovers underlying thought patterns and beliefs, which may not serve you well in your current life. What I’ve found is that sometimes the underlying cause of the issue is something that you would never expect, but when it is explained to you, it makes complete sense!

Having a better understanding of what’s happening to you allows you to make the choice to make the change, right then and there – and that’s exactly when the healing occurs.

Will you be able to 100% resolve my problems?

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that. As human beings, we are so complex and whatever issues we have can have many layers. A session will be able to help shift some of the energies around a particular issue, but from experience I’ve found that you will generally need a few sessions to help you.

That said, sometimes people will notice a MASSIVE difference to what they had originally come for, and others will have moved significantly on a particular issue but then a few months or years down the track the same issue will rear its head again (generally at a more deeper level). For example, inner child issues may pop up occasionally across a person’s life as well as issues concerning parents.

Ultimately, whether or not a problem is 100% resolved is entirely up to your soul and its journey. What I can say is that in each session you will get EXACTLY what you are needing at that point in time (as directed by your higher self).

I’m new to all of this – what session do I choose?

If you are new to seeing me or new to a shamanic healing, I recommend that you booking in a spiritual clearing first. The reason for this is because if you have not been cleared of energies that may be affecting you, that can affect the information coming through from the Guides during a healing session. For example, some negative entities may try to block you from receiving a proper healing or give misleading information to prevent the actual issue being addressed. Having a clearing first can then assist us in getting to the heart of the matter (unless the clearing itself addresses the issues you have – which is possible).

Want to know more?

Check out my Youtube video where I explain what shamanic healing is all about.

If you have any questions about shamanic healing, get in touch! Or if you’d like to book a session, click here.