A business, like any physical object, carries its own energetic blueprint and signature. It is a manifestation of the thoughts and desires of the person (or people) who have created it. Without conscious awareness around the energetics of the business, the business can reflect the energies of the owner and the people who work there, whether they are beneficial for it or not. For example, if an owner of a business has an underlying fear of being seen or subconscious beliefs around not being deserving or enough, this can be reflected in the business and affect the flow and success of it.

Business, just like people, may also be susceptible to psychic attack and other negative energies from an external source. An example of this can be owners of businesses who feel threatened by competition wishing that their competitors do not flourish so that their own business will. In these cases, there can be interference with your business from an energetic standpoint.

A business energy clearing includes the following (plus more):

  • A clearing of the energy of the business and its assets (e.g. website, social media, products, hardware like phones, laptops, branding, etc) from external energies that are affecting the business in a negative, non-beneficial or non-aligned way;
  • If applicable, a clearing of the premises and land that is attached to the premises (the rate includes ONE premises only, fees will apply for any additional premises);
  • Re-aligning the energy of the business to match your intention and goals including an alignment of your employees’ energy; and
  • Placing energetic protection over your business to remove the threat of external negative energies interfering with it.

The Business Energy Clearing is offered remotely and will include a brief email summary of what came up plus any messages that came through during the clearing for you.

When should I have this done?

As I always say, whenever you feel like the business needs it! Examples of when you may wish to have one done is when you are setting up the business, when you feel that the business is stagnant or if you feel creative blocks to building the business, when you are thinking of expanding the business and launching new products and/or services.

You may also wish to get this on a regular basis to continue to grow and expand through your limitations as well as keep the momentum going for the business.

Does the Business Energy Clearing include clearings on the owners or staff of the business?

The Business Energy Clearing does not include a spiritual clearing on people connected with the business. It is merely an alignment of the owner and the employee’s energies (which will only occur if the employee’s higher self gives consent).

What if I conduct my business from more than one location?

The Business Energy Clearing includes a clearing for your online business and one physical location.

If your business is conducted from more than one location, a fee of $118* per physical location applies.

*card processing fees payable on top

How do the Business Energy Clearings work?

Like everything, I just tune into the energy of business and clear it. If there is a property or premises connected with the business the premises and the land will also be cleared. The clearing will be done within 5 Business Days of your purchase, and I will send you an email summary once it is done.

You can go about your usual day whilst the clearing occurs.

What can I expect from a Business Energy Clearing?

Some things that have happened after a few business clearings I have done include:

  • Hardware breaking down and in need of a replacement (you want to make sure you have the tools that are going to help you run your business);
  • New opportunities coming up;
  • New ideas and inspirations for new services/products/offerings come in; 
  • A sense of confidence and the need to take action; and
  • Renewed focus on looking after one’s needs.

It is also entirely possible that people who are not in alignment with the business fall away to make room for new people who are in alignment with the business to come in.

What information do I need to give you for the Business Energy Clearing?

The information I will need prior to the clearing is:

  • Name of your business;
  • If your business has a physical address, the address(es);
  • A brief description of your business;
  • What energy you would like your business to have/what your intention for this business clearing is; and
  • What are your current pain points for the business.

If you would like to have an object (e.g. a crystal, a business logo, etc) in your business anchor in the energy from the clearing (i.e. the energy that you would like your business to have), let me know what it is and I can do that for you.

Feel free to send me an email with this information once you have purchased the Business Energy Clearing.