My intent is that each healing session helps you in addressing certain issues that you have – whether the issue is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I look at you from a holistic perspective and work with my spirit guides to provide you with healing that your soul or higher self is asking for at that point in time.

The aim of each healing session is to have you leaving refreshed, relaxed and empowered to live your life.

Each sessions that you have with me is completely different – in one session we may do a lot of talking to assist you in understanding why things have happened the way they have for you and I may be guided to actually take you through certain exercises to assist in the processing of energy, and in other sessions, there is no talking and you just receive whatever is coming through!

During a healing session, all of the techniques and skills that I have are at your disposal. I may use one or a combination of the following modalities:

Aside from the above, I also provide distance healing sessions, spiritual clearing and space clearing services.