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You were born limitless. As we progress through life, things happen to make us forget that, whether it is a result of experiences from childhood, physical and chronic pain, societal beliefs and values, etc. Let me help you remember your potential by working with all aspects of you – your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit.

Diana Nguyen, Founder & Owner

Healing Sessions

My goal is to help you heal on a soul level so that you can remember your true nature and potential. My healing sessions draw upon my shamanic abilities as well as my skills learnt from other modalities like intuitive massage and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

Shamanic Healing

Only offered via online via Zoom or phone from 21 September 2021. A shamanic healing is a type of energy healing which is based on the shaman (me) accessing information and medicine from other dimensions via my (and your) spirit guides and bringing it back and applying it to you. It is a form of channelling energy and so much more! Shamanic healing can identify energy imbalances around the energetic body and work to bring your body back into a state of balance.

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Distance Healings & Channeled Healing Guide

A distance healing with me is slightly different to an online (via Zoom) or phone session where we communicate with each other in real time. In these sessions, we don’t need to actually be communicating with each other in real time for you to receive the benefit of the healing!

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Why would I need or want a mentor? If you are starting out as an energy, shamanic or a spiritual healer or if you’re on your own spiritual path, you may have a number of questions arise that you would like some clarity on. It can be difficult for you to find someone who you can have an open conversation with around these concepts without the feeling of being judged or that you are “crazy”. I am more than happy to offer you mentoring and/or guidance and support around these topics and more.

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Latest From the Blog

Face to face sessions are back

From December 2021, I am available once again for limited face to face sessions!

Due to my baby, I will no longer be operating out of my home clinic, but have secured a room in another place in Surry Hills to see people. Presently, no face to face sessions will be available in Wollongong.

Face to face sessions are limited to Thursdays @ 10am only until I am able to be in a position to open up more appointments. You can book in your session via the Bookings page.


Services Announcement

Some of you may be aware that I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby due in mid-May 2021.

I’ve been monitoring my body and how I have been feeling leading up to the final stages of my pregnancy and have now decided that my last day to provide my services will be Saturday 17 April 2021. For those who see me in Wollongong, my last day working from there will be Friday 9 April 2021.


Sometimes we just need to face the hard truths

It has been really interesting to observe the news that has been published over the past month. When I think about the biggest issue that has arisen, I don’t need to go past the Brittany Higgins interview where she revealed she had been raped by a staffer in Parliament House. This of course had a LOT of reaction from the public and from our politicians, some reactions that I would regard as questionable, and others well founded. The aftermath of this revelation was like a volcano erupting – more and more women chose to speak out about how they had been treated whilst working for the Government.