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My ultimate goal is to help you to ignite that inner spark so your ideal life can become your reality.

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To book a face to face session with me, please contact me directly. Distance and online healings are all available and can be booked online.

I provide intuitive massage, shamanic (energy) healing  and biodynamic craniosacral therapy services to the Sydney CBD and Surry Hills. I provide biodynamic craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing services in Wollongong.

In each session, I focus on you holistically – your, body, mind and spirit. It is my fundamental belief that your body’s structure and function works hand in hand with your emotional and mental health. My intention is to look for the underlying cause of your issues instead of merely treating the symptoms.

I also provide space clearing services for your home or office in Sydney and Wollongong. This can also be done via distance.

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Some tips to help you navigate these times

I stand by what I wrote about last time in terms of there being a lot of fear around the globe in relation to the Corona virus. The biggest positive I can see through all of this is that we are NOT alone. It shows that no matter where we live, what race we are, what gender we are, etc – we are ALL going through the same thing. No one is exempt from this. To me, it brings me hope that we might finally be able to live in a world of peace, where there is no “me” vs “them” but US, where those in power make decisions for the benefit for all of us as opposed to their own political gain. 


Are you really in control of your life or are you giving your power away?

The recent hype over the last couple of months regarding the Corona Virus has caused, amongst other things, a lot of panic around the world and led to a drastic measures in some countries – from travel bans, quarantining and quite recently, in Japan’s case, ending the school term early by a month. Not only this, in Australia, we have been inundated with a lot of natural “disasters”… from drought, bush fires and floods. This no doubt adds to the anxiety and tension in the air!