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You were born limitless. As we progress through life, things happen to make us forget that, whether it is a result of experiences from childhood, physical and chronic pain, societal beliefs and values, etc. Let me help you remember your potential by working with all aspects of you – your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit.

Diana Nguyen, Founder & Owner

Heal your Soul

My goal is to help you heal on a soul level so that you can remember your true nature and potential. My healing sessions draw upon my shamanic abilities as well as my skills learnt from other modalities like biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Sessions are available mainly remotely/online or face to face (around Wollongong).

Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing is a type of energy healing which is based on the shamanic practitioner (me) accessing information and medicine from other dimensions via my (and your) spirit guides and bringing it back and applying it to you. It is a form of channelling energy and so much more! Shamanic healing can identify energy imbalances around the energetic body and work to bring your body back into a state of balance.

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Remote Spiritual Clearing

My personal belief is that everything is energy. Given this, our physical bodies and souls are all energetic. Many of us are not in tune with ourselves and our true nature as we should be. Sometimes this is a result of the trauma or experiences that we have had throughout our lives, and other times it is a result of something that is external to ourselves.

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Remote/Distance Space Clearing

Just like your physical and energetic body may get “dirty”, the same concept applies to your space where you live/work/etc. We tend to vacuum, sweep or mop the floors, dust the walls and other items in the house, but from an energetic perspective, anything that has happened in the house or space (including what has happened in the past in relation to the corresponding land) remains there and becomes stagnant unless we clear it. Have you ever walked into a place that has felt dead, uninviting, cold and even toxic? It’s like that because energetically it hasn’t been cleared.

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Latest From the Blog

Full Moon Energy Healing in the EES

Join me at this Full Moon Group Healing Event on Saturday 20 July 2024 @ 6pm in the EES room at Soulibrium in Corrimal, where I will working with the EES to amplify your healing intentions, as well as doing some energy work on everyone as you lie there and relax in Soulibrium’s comfortable recliner chairs.