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My ultimate goal is to help you to ignite that inner spark so your ideal life can become your reality.

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I provide intuitive massage, shamanic (energy) healing  and biodynamic craniosacral therapy services to the Sydney CBD and Surry Hills. I provide biodynamic craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing services in Wollongong.

In each session, I focus on you holistically – your, body, mind and spirit. It is my fundamental belief that your body’s structure and function works hand in hand with your emotional and mental health. My intention is to look for the underlying cause of your issues instead of merely treating the symptoms.

I also provide space clearing services for your home or office in Sydney and Wollongong.

Latest From the Blog

When the macrocosm meets the microcosm – my thoughts on Uluru

Many of you will know of the quote “your thoughts create your reality“, and so the way that you perceive your environment and world is directly shaped by your own thought patterns and beliefs. For example, you know when you’re walking down the street or you’re in your office, and as you are walking of sitting there, you notice someone looking directly at you. People who lack confidence in themselves may immediately think that there was something wrong with them which caused that person to stare at them – is there something on my face or are they judging what I’m wearing? what the heck are you doing staring at me?. Those who hare more confident in themselves may react in a way to be flattered by the seeming “attention” and just not care about the “look” because to them, it means nothing. In all of those situations, how a person reacts to that seemingly innocent stare can be very different depending on where they are at! 


How re-organising your space can help set you up for the new year

I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve been feeling a big big push to de-clutter and sort out my apartment to usher in the new year. With most people on a break between Xmas and New Years, I have taken it as an opportunity to really refresh the place!

Obviously by refreshing I mean doing a big physical clean of the place and looking at items that I just don’t need or use anymore. As for those items that I do use/need/want in my apartment, I was getting an intuitive nudge to really put some thought and consideration as to WHERE certain things were to go.


The story of the jaw, the face and trauma

A few months ago I wrote an article about why issues with the sphenobasalar junction (SBJ for short) can affect us in a variety of ways. From my recent studies on biodynamic craniosacral therapy, I now have a more complete picture of how this can happen – and it’s all based around the dynamic of the SBJ and the face!

In biodynamic craniosacral therapy, many people seem to think that all we work with is the cranium (i.e. the skull) and the sacrum. But it’s important to actually have a wider view at the human body, to understand that even the cranium connects to various other structures (like the facial bones and muscles) and that in term has a cascading effect down the rest of the body.