My personal belief is that everything is energy. Given this, our physical bodies and souls are all energetic. Many of us are not in tune with ourselves and our true nature as we should be. Sometimes this is a result of the trauma or experiences that we have had throughout our lives, and other times it is a result of something that is external to ourselves.

Regarding the latter, I am referring to other energies or entities that attach to us and, depending on their level of attachment, can lead us down the path of forgetting who we are, becoming someone else and/or perhaps inflicting pain and hurt to others. These other energies may be human souls that have not yet passed into the light, or they may be more darker energies. In any case, these energies are usually not beneficial for you and your spiritual growth.

Why would I need a spiritual clearing?

If you are experiencing any of the following (and this is not an exhaustive list):

  • if you have been very tired or lacking of energy or waking up extremely tired after a full night’s rest
  • feeling depressed and not motivated with life
  • feeling various emotions that seem to be out of character for you and without logical explanation
  • hearing voices in your head
  • addictive behaviour (e.g. drugs, alcohol, sex, etc)
  • self destructive behaviour
  • insomnia
  • always feeling fearful or not safe
  • unexplained pain or feelings within your body
  • inability to focus on things and constantly getting distracted
  • feeling drained after interacting with a certain person or a group of people
  • feeling unable to make decisions for yourself
  • feeling like you are disconnected from Spirit/your Guides/your intuition
  • feeling like something is around you or in you and you know it isn’t you,

a spiritual clearing may be in order. If you’re not sure, contact me and I can do a quick tune in to let you know if you need one.

What does this session involve?

The spiritual clearing sessions are designed to identify and clear negative entities, energies and earthbound spirits from your body and energy field on a quantum level (across dimensions and timelines). I try to be as thorough as possible, but this may not always be the case if deeper healing is required (e.g. shadow/inner child work, ancestral healing, past life healing, etc).

Where applicable, the session will also involve soul retrieval, as usually these negative entities/energies attach because there is a hole/gap/void in your aura caused by past trauma.

The sessions will also include:

  • removal of negative psychic cords/hooks;
  • removal of any psychic implants/devices;
  • removal of curses/spells (if applicable and only if they can be removed without further information and healing);
  • repairing and healing gaps/voids/holes in your aura; and
  • recharge of your aura and chakras.

Will these negative entities/energies come back after being cleared?

There is always the potential for you to attract these or other negative entities/energies once you have been cleared. Until you are able to repair the holes in your energy field (which may be there due to soul loss, unresolved energetic wounding, aspects of the shadow self, etc), the entities will still find their way to attach to you.

Essentially, these sorts of things attach to you because you, on a subconscious or a conscious level, have allowed it to happen. Things like taking drugs, plant medicine or alcohol can open you up to attracting these sorts of energies, but equally if you go into a state of fear and give your power away to others, you can also attract it in. ALSO, sometimes the entity is not cleared because I’m not the person who is supposed to clear it for you, for whatever reason it is. There is usually some sort of lesson behind it – whether it is a lesson for me, for you or for whoever you end up going to get it cleared. We are all connected.. so sometimes we cross paths briefly for a reason which catapults you down a learning path.

It takes constant work and practice to ensure that you are adequately protected from such energies. I have a daily practice to check and cleanse myself. The more you are in your complete power and your body, the less chance you have of attracting such energies to you. Some holes/gaps may be a result of childhood trauma as well so there may be additional healing required around that (and working with your inner child) to identify why the holes/gaps are there and then work to addressing them. Your shadow child can, for example, conjure up these energies due to a need that the child felt wasn’t met by their parents or caretakers when they were young and were fulfilled by these entities/energies.

Can you do these healings in person?

My preference is to have these done remotely.

Further, for all new clients who wish to see me for a healing session, I strongly recommend that you do this session first so that when you see me for a healing, we don’t need to spend the whole healing session clearing you, and it’s easier for us to actually deal with what you are coming in for.

How in-depth is the summary I will receive following completion of the spiritual clearing?

The summary is high level and will list briefly everything that I and the Guides found in your energy field during the session. It will detail how many entities, psychic cords, etc were found and will label some of the energies found in your field as well. The summary is just that – a summary. The list isn’t exhaustive as what I’ve found is that the Guides actually do a lot more work than I am consciously aware of and I can’t really put that into words.

No doubt when you receive the summary you may have many questions about how certain entities/energies came to be within your field, how long they were there for, who the psychic cords connected you with, what types of spells/curses were on you, who the earthbound souls attached to you are, etc. I can totally understand this, however I will only provide the information that is necessary for the clearing to be performed and will not be diving deeper to ask questions about why things were there unless I am guided to by your Spirit Guides. If the latter is the case, this will be included in the report.

My time is limited in terms of questions that I can answer given all of my other commitments so if I find a common theme amongst questions being asked, I will create a FAQ so you can get some answers. Of course feel free to respond to the email you receive from me with your questions and I will get back to you when I can.

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the spiritual clearing?

This will depend on each individual. Those who are energetically sensitive will feel the shift as the clearing is happening. For others, it may take a few hours or a few days. As we are working on an energetic level, sometimes the changes are subtle.. and you won’t notice a difference until you do (i.e. you might begin to observe that you are more at peace, have more energy, no longer get triggered by the particular thing that was triggering you, feel happier, etc).

For some people, sometimes things will get worse before they get better. Just know that it’s all part of the process!

Do I need to book in a time and date for you to do this spiritual clearing? Will it effect me whilst you are doing it?

All spiritual clearings will be done within 5 Business Days of your booking. There is no need to book a time and a date to have the clearing done. I will send you an email or a message summarising what was found and cleared during the session once I have finished.

You can go about your day as the clearing is being done. If you like, I can send you an email or text before I start to let you know I’m about to do it (let me know when you are booking it). Otherwise I will just send an email summary upon completion.

How do I book in a spiritual clearing?

You can book by heading to this link.

You can also choose to add this session on if you book a remote space clearing with me. The add-on is $77 per individual or pet who reside at the space that is being cleared. Please choose the relevant “add-on” product when booking your remote space clearing with me.

Check out my Youtube Video on Spiritual Clearing below