There may be times where you feel that you are really desperate for help and need shamanic or energy healing session ASAP with me but I’m already booked out in terms of my 1:1 sessions or there isn’t a convenient time for you to have a 1:1 session with me. If you feel really pulled to have a session with me and can’t make the time work, this session is also for you.

How do these sessions work?

These healing sessions are distance/remote healing sessions only.

Once you purchase a session via my online shop, please email me the intention for the session and you may even wish to set the intent of when you would like to receive the effect/benefits of the healing. The default is usually when it is performed by me, but if you want to be in control of it, then you can!

I will then tune in within 24 hours and conduct your healing session.

Once the session is complete, I will message you with a summary of what the Guides found and what healing was done. This will be just a few paragraphs maximum. I can send you the summary over text, email, Instagram, FB, whatever is easiest for you. If you have questions and need clarification after receiving the summary, just ask.

When should I choose a Remote/Distance Healing Session?

This session works really well for time poor people! It is up to you to choose if you wish to receive the effects of this session when it’s done by me, or at any other time (some people will actually feel the shifts as soon as they book in for example, and others will set the intent they receive it whilst they sleep, etc).

Will you be able to 100% resolve the issue in one Remote or Distance Healing Session?

Like with a normal shamanic healing session, the answer is “It depends”. If your soul is ready for it then yes. If not, then no. I have found that those who have done a lot of the deeper work on themselves and are very in tune with their needs get big shifts from these sessions.

How much does this cost?

See here for the up to date prices. You can purchase this session here.