New Wollongong Location Announced

From 6 April 2024, I will be operating out of Soulibrium Wellness Center at Shop 1, Level 1, 94-98 Railway Street, Corrimal, New South Wales 2518 on Saturdays every fortnight from 9am – 5pm! The space owned by the lovely Aleesha, and it is so beautiful and peaceful. What I’m stoked about is that all who see me have the added benefit of being within the frequency of the EES scalar technology that is running in one of the center’s rooms during your session!

For those who see me face to face, you will most likely get some hands on work during this time. My healings will weave in my modalities of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, massage (but only from the point of trigger points and perhaps a bit of fascial unwinding work.. no massage with oil or a requirement to take your clothes off) and shamanic healing, and I cannot wait to get my hands onto you so you can feel held, refreshed, empowered and at peace.

Of course, should you wish to see me just for biodynamic craniosacral therapy, just let me know and that is absolutely fine. I will preface and say that this modality does still work on an energetic level as well, but there’s no need to dive deep into the mechanisms of that during the session. Your body will direct me to what needs attention, and then will take of the rest. It’s a great modality to help bring your nervous system back into balance.

Bookings are available now.

Cannot wait to see you soon yay!