Quick update regarding changes to services and prices from March 2024

I hope you have all been well! Over the past 2-3 weeks, I have had the classic “Tower” moment in the Tarot deck, where a lot of things in my life suddenly crumbled and I was left to pick up the pieces and figure out how I was going to be moving forward. I also received big energetic upgrades and a new way of working is coming through to be integrated in my day to day life.

One of the things I have learnt from this episode in my life is that I needed to let go of the idea that I knew best in terms of how things were going to unfold in my life. My sense of control was so strong that it needed a big jolt to the system to actually get me out of this way of thinking.

As a result of this, I have been re-assessing what I am offering based on the amount of time I have available to be of service to you, taking into account my other responsibilities such as being a present mother to a very strong willed and energetic toddler.

So this is just a heads up that from March, my days of availability for 1:1 live sessions (online, phone or face to face), will change from Wednesday to another day. I’m in the midst of finding a room in a clinic to work out of, so my intention at this stage is to do this work on every second Saturday. I will always be available for the remote healings so you can go ahead and book them as needed and these will be done in the timeframes that I have set out for that particular healing.

In re-assessing my offerings, I will also be removing the recorded channeled healing offering so the only remote offerings available will be space clearing, spiritual clearing and remote healings. In addition, my prices for the remote healings and 1:1 sessions will increase. I have kept my 1:1 session price the same for quite a while, and I have decided to raise it by $10, but the remote healing which is an offering available within 24 hours of payment will be increased to $199 to reflect the urgency of the healing, but also the amount of work that goes into the healing for you as well. Space clearings will be increased by $10 as well to now be $200 per space clearing. The spiritual clearings will remain unchanged.

I understand that the card processing fees are a bit ridiculous, so you will always have the option to just do a bank transfer. Just reach out to me and I will arrange that with you. Otherwise, if you have to pay by card, you can do that via the online booking system and the fee will reflect the card processing fee as well. Please note, when you book, you will be asked to put your card details to confirm your appointment only. You are not charged at that point. So if you wanted to pay by bank transfer, just let me know before and we can arrange that and I won’t charge the card.

For 1:1 sessions, I have really felt the call to go back and do hands on work since the beginning of the year. This means that once a space is found, I will be doing hands on biodynamic craniosacral therapy as well as hands on energetic work. There is something to be said about the power of touch for this work, so I am honouring that call and finding a dedicated space for the face to face sessions. This means the sessions will no longer be held out in nature, but in a healing space indoors. I’m pretty excited with what I have lined up about this but I’ll announce it when the time is right.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with these changes. These are important to make as they are honouring me and what I can offer, whilst giving me the flexibility to allow me to be of service to my loved ones, and most importantly, myself.