Upcoming Time Off

As we turn the corner and head into December, I thought it would be a good time to let you know the days that I am taking off for the month and into the new year.⁠

I will be heading for a brief break from 3 December 2022 until 11 December 2022 (inclusive). I won’t be taking bookings for in person or online healing sessions for next Mon & Wed, and I will NOT be in a position to provide any of my remote healing services like the #distanceemergencyhealing, #spiritualclearing or #channelledhealing during that time. Any sprays purchased during this time will not be processed and posted until I get back.⁠

I will be back on Monday 12 December 2022 and back to my usual times until 23 December 2022. I will then be taking the week of the 26th December 2022 off and will be back taking bookings and doing remote healings from 4 January 2023. ⁠