The Trinity Energy Spray

Spirit has asked me to create a new energy spray and I’m excited to announce that this spray will be launched at the beginning of December 2022.

The Trinity spray is a spray to assist in clearing, healing and protecting your energy field. It’s a lot more powerful and potent than any of my other sprays. I have been receiving downloads of the ingredients and energy to be imbued in this spray over the period of 2 weeks and it’s quite different then anything I’ve made before.

This spray contains the following energies:

  • Christ Consciousness
  • Unconditional Love
  • The frequencies of the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 369hz (this is directly through Nikola Tesla)
  • The balance between the Trinity of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & the Kundalini (or Holy Spirit)

The essential oils used in this spray are geranium, patchouli, wild orange and ylang ylang. The spray contains crystal chips – black tourmaline and rose quartz essence.

Pre-orders are available now and you can order it here.