Remembering Atlantis Energy Spray

I’m pleased to announce a new energy spray to my current range, the Remembering Atlantis Spray. In summary, this spray is about clearing the technological distortions in our multidimensional being in relation to Atlantis and bringing in the pure vibrations of the uncorrupted Atlantis into our cells.

Here is a channeled description of the spray and its purpose:

The civilisation of Atlantis existed thousands of years ago. One of the main focuses of the Atlantean civilisation was use of technology, and those living there were gifted with being scientifically minded and logical.

At the height of the Atlantean civilisation, spirituality and technology were used in harmony and for the greater good. The intentions of the use of technology were pure and abided by the Universal laws. Over time, the intentions behind the creation and use of technology became distorted and corrupted, so that ultimately, technology was used to the detriment of humans for example in the form of artificial intelligence and mind control.

The time has now come to remove all distortions within our being regarding the Atlantean timelines. The purpose of this spray is to move through your multidimensional being and clear such distortions by working with our cellular matrix (which comprises mostly water) and DNA. With the purification comes a wonderful opportunity for you to open to receiving the purest and highest vibrational form of the Atlantean frequencies within your being.

These words come to mind when using the spray:


This spray is encoded with sacred geometry as well as the Atlantean Remembrance Crystal whose memories and energy was reactivated in late 2022 by Eloys Harradence of Healing Grounds Byron Bay. Along with the energetic blueprint of the SunStone/Rainbow Lattice Stone from Tanzania, the spray goes through your energetic blueprint, switches on and off the encodings within your DNA and then raises your frequency to receive the pure and highest form of Atlantean energy within your multidimensional being.

This spray has been released now in 2023 as the energetic distortions regarding misuse of technology in the present world match what had occurred in Atlantis long ago, and enough people are of the consciousness to be able to receive this new energy.

This spray is created in batches – the intention is that all those who are custodians of the spray in a particular batch are connected energetically. Your use of the spray creates a new grid of energy and information between the others, to further assist in magnifying and raising consciousness throughout the world. Every time you use the spray, you charge and re-charge that grid. It really is the embodiment of the mandala effect.

More information about the spray is below.