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Values & Judgement

Those who follow cricket will know of the ball tampering controversy earlier in 2018 that involved Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. Initially when the news broke out, there was a lot of media interest in the story which subsequently died down. In the lead up to the Boxing Day test match, this has now again come up in the media, and it’s not without controversy.

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Why you are probably stressed out and don’t realise it

If I asked you, “are you stressed?”, how many of you will say “not me”? When I was a lawyer, I wouldn’t think I was stressed out because it was just part and parcel with what I did – I had to handle client demands, I had to put up with micromanagement from my bosses, I had to learn and apply areas of law that were not my specialty area, and I had to learn how to manage people. It was the only life I knew and therefore I just had to put up with it. I knew no other alternative.

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The art of breathing – properly

Ahhhh breathing… it’s something that is so subtle to our systems and yet is one of the most important aspects of our physical being that we completely take for granted. Take a moment now to notice your breath – are you breathing from your chest or above, or are you breathing from your belly? Most of us breathe from the chest and up. Unfortunately, that’s not how we are designed to breathe. The diaphragm The main muscle of respiration in the body is actually your diaphragm (as a side note, isn’t it funny that the diaphragm’s shape is very similar to the shape of the lungs). So, during inhalation, the diaphragm contracts (i.e flattens out) and pushes down on the abdomen, and during exhalation, it relaxes and the pressure is taken off the abdomen. This means that it’s your belly that should be the main mover during breathing as opposed…

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Why the butt is linked to lower back pain

We all take for granted what we have been given, and this is especially true when it comes to our lower back. In clinic, we treat many people who come in with lower back pain. In some instances the pain is so great that it makes it incredibly difficult for our clients to walk let alone do anything else! From a musculoskeletal perspective, what we’ve found is that the most common cause of lower back pain is the inability for our glute muscles (e.g. our butt muscles) to activate properly and a weak core. The butt Our butt (i.e. our glutes) are the biggest muscle in our body so they actually are designed to bear a lot of the load of the body. They are crucial to ensuring the stability of the pelvis and movement of the hip joint. Weak glutes means that your lower back muscles, hip flexors and…

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