There may be times where you feel that you need a shamanic or energy healing session ASAP with me but I’m already booked out or you have a minor issue you need help with which may not need a full 60 min or 90 min session to cover. These emergency healing sessions are designed to help you get a quick and efficient healing session from me that will help you feel more at ease.

How do these sessions work?

These emergency healing sessions are distance/remote healing sessions only.

Once you purchase a session via my online shop, please email me the intention for the session.

I will then tune in within 24 hours and conduct your healing session.

Once the session is complete, I will message you with a quick summary of what the Guides found and what healing was done. This will be just a few paragraphs maximum. I can send you the summary over text, email, Instagram, FB, whatever is easiest for you.

How long do these sessions go for?

A maximum of 30 mins. I have found that my Spirit Guides are extremely efficient and can pack a punch in the space of 30 mins or less, depending on the situation.

When should I choose an Emergency Healing Session over a standard Healing Session?

These sessions are NOT a substitute for a standard healing session where we can really dive deep and get to the root cause of the issues/patterns/blockages that you are facing. The standard healing sessions also cover various issues and not necessarily just one particular issue.

An Emergency Healing Session should be used if:

  • You would like a generic energy cleanse or energetic balance;
  • You have an entity or device that you know is present and that you want removed (please note: entities that have been there for a long time or entities that have many layers and are multi faceted may not be able to be removed in this session – you should book a standard healing session if you have this). The Emergency Healing Session will cover only a single entity or device, not multiple;
  • You’re feeling flat and want a quick energetic perk me up; or
  • If you have a strong pull to have this session with me (you will know intuitively whether it is for you).

An Emergency Healing Session is NOT to be used for the following:

  • A Q&A with your Spirit Guides (e.g. should I take a particular medication, is this person the right person for me, etc);
  • Psychic readings;
  • Mediumship readings;
  • Chronic issues/pain (unless you want temporary relief)

Will you be able to 100% resolve the issue in one Emergency Healing Session?

Like with a normal shamanic healing session, the answer is “It depends”. If your soul is ready for it then yes. If not, then no. I have found that those who have done a lot of the deeper work on themselves and are very in tune with their needs get big shifts from these sessions.

How much does this cost?

AUD$77 per session. Card processing fees will apply on top. You can purchase this session here.