Reconnect Event with Lee Duncan

I’m excited to assist my beautiful friend, Lee Duncan from Intuitive Wellness Co at this Reconnect Event in Corrimal. Her last event at Oak Flats earlier in the year was booked out and extremely popular, so I am really happy to be holding space and assisting her with the group energy activation on 12 July 2024 @ 6pm.

Join us for an immersive experience designed to reconnect you to the innate wisdom of your body. Through Breathwork, sound and energy activation, you will have the opportunity to harness the wisdom of your body and explore the profound connection between breath and consciousness.

This event offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into ancient practices and unlock the full potential of your being. During this potent event, you will alchemise trapped and stored stress and trauma in the body. We will create a space where you can tap into the beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from being your authentic self. Through a process of gentle self enquiry you will start to create a shift in your reality by clearing blockages to create the future you desire by aligning your heart and mind. 

The combination of these modalities offer a multi-sensory and transformative experience that allows your journey inward to be both liberating and safe. This event will serve as a gateway to your deep subconscious and your energy body, both of which are quite difficult to access in our western world without the use of psychedelics or dedicated meditation. Using firm, light or no touch, you will receive an activation of certain acupressure points and chakras which helps the flow of energy move throughout the system clearing out any blockages or stagnant energy. This creates more harmony and balance in the body leading to more flow and creativity.

The cost for this 3 hour event is $66 (exc booking fee) and details are:

When: Friday 12 July 2024, 6pm – 9pm

Where: Corrimal District Library & Community Center, 15 Short St, Corrimal NSW 2518, Australia

Cost: $66 (plus booking fee)