Introducing Remote Business Energy Clearings

I’m really pumped to reveal my next remote service offering which is Remote Business Energy Clearing! I have never done something this big before but Spirit has pushed me to do it so I am following the call.

This is a pretty comprehensive energetic cleanse of the energy of your business which includes the following:

  • Clearing your business energy and re-aligning the energy of the business based on your intentions;
  • Clearing all assets (including hardware, any tools your use for your business, etc);
  • Energy alignment on the owners of the business and all employees so that they are aligned with the energy of the business;
  • Clearing of your intangible assets including website, social media, photos, business logo, business name, etc; and
  • Space clearing of 1 location (online is already included and not counted as part of this) – an extra fee applies per location.

You will receive a summary email of any insights or anything that Spirit has told me is relevant to tell you once the clearing has been done.

Some things that have happened after a few business clearings I have done include:

  • Hardware breaking down and in need of a replacement (you want to make sure you have the tools that are going to help you run your business);
  • New opportunities coming up;
  • New ideas and inspirations for new services/products/offerings come in;
  • A sense of confidence and the need to take action; and
  • Renewed focus on looking after one’s needs.

It is entirely possible that people who are not in alignment with the business fall away and new people turn up.

The price for this offering will starts from $257* and depends on how many employees you have.

*card processing fees apply on top. You can pay via bank deposit to avoid the card processing fee.