Welcome to 2024 & January availability

Hello and welcome to 2024! I hope your new year started off well – I know mine has especially given the craziness and tumultuous 2023. I wanted to give a quick update regarding the services available in January given the school holidays (and lack of babysitters).

Face to face or online 1:1 healing sessions are subject to availability only until Wednesday 24 January 2024. From this date, 1:1 healing sessions are available to be booked on Wednesdays. Should you wish to have an appointment on the weekend, please contact me directly so that we can arrange a time. This is subject to my availability as I have a number of commitments already on the weekends.

All remote and distance healing sessions including space clearing, spiritual clearing, distance healings and recorded channeled healing sessions are all available to be booked and purchased online, as are my energy sprays.

For me personally, I have started the year with a small ceremony in reflecting on 2023, letting go of what I needed to let go, and then welcoming the energies that I would like to bring in and anchor in 2024. I have also done a space clearing on my place, to clear any stagnant energies, and once again to anchor in the energies I want to be present with me during 2024.

Space clearings or spiritual clearings are a great way to kick start your year – but as I tell everyone, you will know when you need one.. you don’t have to do it at the beginning of every year. Do it as and when your intuition tells you to.

I am really looking forward to what this year has for me. Last year was really tough – a lot of hard lessons and experiences, but I’m proud to say I’ve come out through the other side and ready to take you through it too!

If you are interested in hearing about what I’m up to (or even seeing what I am up to), I recommend that you follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date. I am hoping to launch a few online courses this year and there may be some changes to my services as well, who knows. I’ll update you when I know. For those who know me, I’m guided by Spirit in terms of what I offer and how I do it, and usually once the guidance comes in, whatever it is manifests pretty quickly!

Wishing you a prosperous, joyful, peaceful 2024 which is full of blessings. May you anchor more of your power and your light into yourself, the community and the planet.

xx Diana