Remote or Distance Healings

I hope you are well! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, but better late than never!

This one is just to announce quickly that I have decided to expand my distance emergency healing sessions into a distance healing session. I figured that I had the capacity to just roll the other service into a fuller distance healing session where we can address a few issues, although as usual, if you wanted to dive deep and there is a multi layered approach to a particular issue you are facing, it is probably better for you to book in a standard shamanic healing session with me so we can approach it on the different levels/layers, address any resistance that is coming up, and also get you to consciously do a few things in order to help the healing come along.

More information on what the distance healing sessions can be used for can be found on the relevant page.

I will provide your healing within 24 hours of purchase (see below), and give you a few paragraphs of what happened during the healing and any messages that the Guides want you to know.

As always with these sessions, once you book, please contact me to let me know what your intention for the session is.

The 24 hour turnaround time isn’t available on Xmas Eve or public holidays.