Introducing Remote Spiritual Clearing Services

From September 2022, I will be offering remote spiritual clearing services. In this service offering, I will scan your energy field and remove all negative energies/entities that I can find at that point in time.

In the past few months, I had experienced a lot of tiredness and low energy. I had attributed this to being a mother of a young toddler, so I didn’t think much of it. I also had seen a pattern emerging in the types of clients that I was seeing – all of them had entities on them which were extremely difficult to remove – these entities were of a level that I had not encountered before and I exerted a lot of energy removing them.

It wasn’t until I received a healing myself did I realise that I had taken on a lot of these entities, and I also had a lot of other negative energies on and around me that were feeding off my energy. After this my energy came back instantly. I was absolutely horrified because, well, this was the type of thing I did and yet I didn’t realise that I even had them on me! So I went on a quest to learn as much as I could about these energies and learn new techniques that were really effective at removing them without affecting my energy and without requiring so much effort on my part.

I also began to do clearings on a few friends and people I knew who had chronic fatigue, suffered depression, were low on energy, etc and the result was that they had their energy back and felt a lot better.

The moral to the story is that there are negative energies out there that like to drain our energy and stop us from achieving our full potential. These negative energies come in and attach to us because of hole/gaps/voids in our own energy field, which may have been caused by trauma (e.g. soul loss), by addiction (e.g. drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc), by our shadow inner child or by constantly being in a state of fear (this list is not exhaustive).

If you experience symptoms of extreme lethargy, chronic fatigue, low motivation, low energy, depression or feeling like you have so many voices in your head, cannot make up your mind or feel like you are sabotaging yourself in some way, a spiritual clearing service may be what you need.

The spiritual clearing service is offered remotely, so we don’t need to book in a specific time and date for it to happen, and you don’t have to be on the phone/online/in the room with me for me to do it. You can book in here. You can also add this service to any distance space clearing as well.

More information about what is involved in a spiritual clearing service can be found here.