Just like your physical and energetic body may get “dirty”, the same concept applies to your space where you live/work/etc. We tend to vacuum, sweep or mop the floors, dust the walls and other items in the house, but from an energetic perspective, anything that has happened in the house or space (including what has happened in the past in relation to the corresponding land) remains there and becomes stagnant unless we clear it. Have you ever walked into a place that has felt dead, uninviting, cold and even toxic? It’s like that because energetically it hasn’t been cleared.

The great news is that it is possible to turn a cold, uninviting or toxic space into a really warm, loving, protective and welcoming space – a place that you and everyone else will love coming to and not really want to leave!

How does it work?

Like most things that I do, the space clearing is really intuitive and how the spaces are cleared is very specific and unique to the nature of that particular space, the land on which the space is on and the particular area (e.g. room, hallway, staircase, study etc). I work with my Spirit Guides, as well as the spirits of the land where your house/space is located to do what needs to be done.

Everything is done remotely as I believe that everything is energy. Given this, I am able to tap into the energy of the space and the land and shift and clear blockages/energies from it. I will create a ceremonial space at home and bring in the medicine wheel and the Guides will step in after that and work on the space.

After the clearing has been complete, I will send you a detailed report summarising what I found and what was done.

Do I need to be involved in this space clearing?

No you don’t, but if you have a clear intent about the type of feeling you would like your space to have, then let me know so I can anchor it in for you.

When should I have this done?

Whenever you feel like the house needs a refresh. It’s great to do this as you’re moving into a new house, death or illness has occurred in the house, when your housemates have moved out (or in), etc. If you’re an owner of an investment property, consider doing it after each tenant moves out as who knows what may have gone down in there and that could affect your prospects of getting a new and great tenant!

Do you do space clearings in person?

In the current Covid environment, space clearings will not be done in person until further notice. All space clearings will be done remotely. Remote clearings work just as good as the in person ones though!

How much is a distance/remote space clearing and how do I book one with you?

My price is $190 regardless of size. To book, head to my Bookings page. I’ll contact you once you’ve paid and will ask you to provide me with your address and floorplan (this can be scribbled on a piece of paper). We can then arrange for a day the clearing will be done.