Upcoming availability & changes

I hope you are all well!⁠

2022 is a big year of changes and that is especially the case in my life.⁠

As things in my home life are going to change from March 2022 onwards, the days and times I currently have available to people will be changing. I will be closing my online bookings system until I have a better idea of what my availability will be like (i.e. when I can finalise ongoing arrangements re babysitting).⁠

This means that for now, I only have availability until the end of Feb for sessions (online or in person). Presently, I only have about 3 sessions left that can be booked. ⁠

I will still be available for distance/remote space clearings and the distance healing offering with the channeled guide. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better idea soon but I thought it would be best to turn off the bookings from March to avoid disappointment.⁠

If you did want a session with me and couldn’t book in, you can always message me to be on my waitlist or I can see if I can work out a time to have a session with you.⁠

From March 2022, I will also be wrapping up my intuitive massage services so will no longer be providing full body intuitive massages as part of my healing services.⁠

Stay tuned for further updates on the services and availability front when I know of them!⁠

UPDATE AS OF 4 FEB 2022: Online bookings are now available for appointments up to 1 April 2022.