Welcome to 2021 – The Year to Step Up

I’m sure many of us will be very keen to welcome 2021 given the events of 2020. One of the major lessons regarding 2020 was to show us certain aspects of our life (and society in general) that probably were not working as well as we thought it was, and gave us an opportunity to reflect and make a certain change (within Governmental restrictions of course).

What I have been feeling energetically in 2021 is that there’s no time better than now to do all the things that you said you were going to do, it’s time to move past the fears that are stopping you from being who you want to be – it’s time to seize the day (or the year). 

There are so many things that came up last year that showed us that the current status quo is not acceptable – it is not enough. This theme is still running in early January 2021, because as I write this post, we are in the aftermath of the events that stormed the US Capitol. As you can see from that, enough is enough, and people are beginning to speak up and call a spade a spade. And you know what? As I reflect on this, it’s interesting to see that a US president inciting violence around the US Capitol is condemned by the majority, and yet when a US president (or any leader actually) calls for war against another country, it is ok. Similarly, many of us in the West find it a crazy notion to think that some countries can censor the media and the messages to the population at large so as to restrict them from forming their own opinions about what is happening in their community and the world, and yet we tend to think it’s ok that such censoring exists in our society too (just think of our social media platforms)?

So what are we to do about it? It’s hard for us to change things on a massive or a global scale, but it is a lot easier for us to reflect on how we are living our lives, what our own values are, and to make the changes that we want to make on that level. The changes that we make to ourselves will have a subtle (and sometimes not too subtle) effect on those around us, and then as we walk our walk, others may decide that they want to do so as well, and then that’s how we slowly achieve change on a mass scale.

So push aside your fears (as from experience our fears actually stop us from achieving greatness) and seize the day to be who you want to be! The global pandemic has showed us how frail human life is, so if we don’t spend the time that we have in this body doing something productive and meaningful for ourselves, when will it happen? 

P.S I recommend that you watch the Disney movie “Soul” when you get the chance 😉