Why you are probably stressed out and don’t realise it

If I asked you, “are you stressed?”, how many of you will say “not me”? When I was a lawyer, I wouldn’t think I was stressed out because it was just part and parcel with what I did – I had to handle client demands, I had to put up with micromanagement from my bosses, I had to learn and apply areas of law that were not my specialty area, and I had to learn how to manage people. It was the only life I knew and therefore I just had to put up with it. I knew no other alternative.

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What effect does work have on your health?

This month I’m going to change the focus on health slightly from the physical to the emotional/mental side of things. As a massage therapist and energy healer, I really believe that health needs to be looked at from a holistic perspective and it is only then that we can start to make changes to our lives for the better. If we are to look at our lives currently, the majority of us can split it into three components – work, home/personal/family and social. I bet that for many of you, work takes up a good chunk of your day, and the other two components battle it out to share the little portion that is left. Given that we spend a lot of our lives working, it is important to actually be in a job that you like, you have a passion for, and that makes your heart sing. If you…

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craniosacral therapy services sydney cbd

What is craniosacral therapy and why is it good for me?

Some of you may have heard the terms craniosacral therapy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy floating around. However, what exactly is it and why is it beneficial for you? In today’s post, I try to explain the difference between the therapies and the science behind it so that it can be readily understood. Underpinning any form of craniosacral therapy is the belief that your own body has all of the tools it needs to heal. Essentially, the body has an inherent intelligence that constantly keeps your system running. So how can we tap into this inherent intelligence? To explain this, I will need to give you a quick anatomy lesson featuring the nervous system in plain English! The body’s nervous system Our body is split into two main nervous systems – the central nervous system (CNS) and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The CNS controls our overall body and our mind.…

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