A written channeled distance healing with me is slightly different to an online (via Zoom) or phone session where we communicate with each other in real time. In these sessions, we don’t need to actually be communicating with each other in real time for you to receive the benefit of the healing!

These distance healings are really good for you if:

  • it is difficult for you to get away at a set time to receive a healing;
  • you’re not located where I am and/or cannot see me in person;
  • you’re living at home or in a space which you share with others and cannot find a private space in order to have a vulnerable discussion addressing your concerns (hello Covid lockdowns);
  • you’re really busy and don’t have time for a full on session;
  • you don’t really like Zoom/phone healings; or
  • if you just are drawn to have a session with me! 🙂

Exactly how do these sessions work?

Please purchase the session via the Bookings page. Once purchased, I will contact you give you a timeframe in which I will perform the healing. When ready, I will open up sacred space, connect with your Guides and Higher Self, tune into your energy field and perform a healing based on your intention for the session.

During this time, I will prepare a Written Channeled Distance Healing report and email it to you to read in your own time. This will be sent to you within the timeframe provided.

What is this Written Channeled Distance Healing report that I will receive?

The Written Channeled Distance Healing report is your healing. It will include the following:

  • Details of what I found during the healing session in relation to your specific intent
  • An explanation of the healing that the Guides performed on you during the session
  • Invocations for you to say aloud (or in your head) whilst you are reading the report to help further integrate the session
  • One medicine card pulled from a card deck I am intuitively drawn to to assist you with your healing and integration (this may be a medicine card or a crystal or a sound bite, etc – your Guides will tell me)
  • Any other messages I received from your Guides or your Higher Self during the healing
  • Any suggestions from the Guides for you to do post healing to help integrate the session

I strongly encourage you to read the Written Channeled Distance Healing report and do what is asked of you in it (which may for example include you saying certain phrases or doing certain things). As I write, the healing that has been channelled from your Guides is encoded in the words of that report. The report is essentially a transmission of the healing that has occurred. The more you read it and let it sink in, the deeper the transmission will be in your energy field. The healing would have already occurred prior to me writing the report but as you read it, the healing will become more potent and integrated.

Why can’t you perform the session at a set date and time so I can set time aside to receive it?

As a mother of an infant, it’s hard for me to schedule a certain day and time to perform a healing because my child doesn’t run to a predictable schedule!

These distance sessions give me the flexibility to be able to perform the healing when I actually have the time to be able to do so (e.g. when my child goes down for a nap or sleep, or if I am able to organise him being looked after by my husband and when I’m not doing other work). It also means that this gives me a bigger capacity to offer my healing services to those who are drawn to it.

Also, you can still set time aside to receive the benefits of the healing as the concept of time does not exist when it comes to the shamanic realm! You just can’t set a time for me to perform the healing though! Just set the intent that you will receive the healing at a particular point in time and it will happen (trust me on that – Spirit works in fantastic ways).

If you’re more comfortable with receiving a healing from me in real time, feel free to contact me to book an online (Zoom) or a phone healing. Just be warned though – I have very limited availability for these sessions (only one time slot on a Tuesday or a Thursday), so you may need to wait a while before I am available.

What is the cost of a session?

Each session is AUD$190, payable by direct deposit or credit card (a processing fee will apply if paying by card).

I’ve got more questions and I’m still not sure how this thing works…

No problem – feel free to contact me to discuss! I don’t bite 🙂