Distance drum journeys are available and can be booked online.

What’s the difference between shamanic healing and shamanic drum journeys?

Shamanic drumming incorporates a specific form of shamanic healing which involves the drum. This is otherwise known as shamanic journeying, where I, with the aid of the beat of the drum, take you into another world/dimension to receive guidance and healing from your guides.

Will you receive messages and guidance for me during these sessions?

Most of the times these sessions are all about empowering you, so the guides will work to provide YOU with the direct guidance that you need instead of it coming through me. Many people come to me and other healers to receive certain messages but the shamanic drumming recognises that you actually have the answers within and provides you with a tool to be able to go and get them.

There may be times where I might be guided to tell you certain things but for the most part, the sessions are for you to sit back and allow yourself to be transported to another realm and experience whatever it is that you need to experience. Like all shamanic healings, the sessions are about you and not me.

How long do these sessions last?

Give yourself 30 – 45 min for a session.

Why should I choose to do a shamanic drumming session instead of a shamanic healing one?

Shamanic drumming or journeying sessions are great if you want to receive medicine around one particular aspect of your life or if you wanted to say, enhance your own intuitive and healing abilities.

For example, you can choose to do a shamanic drum session for:

  • meeting your power animal
  • meeting your spirit guides
  • getting an answer or receiving some more clarity for a particular question/situation you have
  • tapping more into nature and learning more about aspects of nature (including visiting the spirit of a particular animal, plant, crystal, the elements etc)
  • journeying through time and space to visit certain time periods/countries/galaxies to obtain information pertinent to you
  • a quick way to receive healing from your guides without needing to analyse things too much

Shamanic healing sessions are longer in duration and can touch upon a number of things that require healing at the same time. Shamanic healing sessions may or may not use the drum. Shamanic drum journeys specifically use the drum to take you into a trance like state to access other worlds/dimensions.

Is this offered online as well as face to face?

You bet. I offer these sessions in clinic or online via Zoom or over the phone.

I’m interested but not too sure what this whole thing involves.

It’s pretty easy actually! I’ve uploaded two shamanic drumming journeys on Youtube. You can check these out so you have a sense of what my style is. I generally will not take you through a guided visualisation during the drum journey and leave it to your guides to take you on the journey but if you are not comfortable with that and want a guided one, you can just ask and I’ll do it!

During these sessions, you can sit or lie down, whatever makes you comfortable.

Shamanic drumming for clearing fear, lowering anxiety, boosting immunity and connecting you back to nature
Shamanic drumming for increasing your intuition

I want to book one of these sessions!

Great! Head over to my bookings page to book. Choose the location which is available on the day that you would like your session. You can then select whether you want a face to face session or an online session.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer you.