I provide the following massage services in the Sydney CBD & Surry Hills:

Massage services NOT available in Wollongong.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a treatment targeted to enable the body to return to its proper function by treating the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Remedial massage tends to feel strong and deep on the body as it aims to locate and dissolve muscle tension, relieve pain and to assist in rehabilitation.

Techniques used for remedial massage include trigger point therapy, myofascial release (which involves gentle pressure and slow stretching of the connective tissues) and active and positional release techniques. I also use a lot of biodynamic craniosacral therapy techniques during the massage to complement the treatment.

A remedial massage may be beneficial for you if you suffer from:

  • chronic pain (e.g. neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica pain, carpal tunnel, etc);
  • acute pain (e.g. knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc);
  • headaches and migraines (combined with craniosacral therapy, which is also very beneficial for these);
  • general muscle tightness;
  • poor posture (e.g. hunched over shoulders, forward neck, excessive curvature in your lower back etc); and
  • issues with your jaw (e.g. clenching).

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage aims to soothe and calm the body. For relaxation massages, I use Swedish massage techniques which include long gliding strokes in a slow, flowing and rhythmic motion.

If you’re stressed out and/or anxious, or if you just want some down-time for yourself away from everything else, a relaxation massage is the perfect way for you to disconnect, recharge and revitalise.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage serves two main functions: one is to prepare the body for a particular sporting activity and two is to assist in injury prevention and/or recovery.

For sport massages, I use techniques similar to what I do in a remedial massage, which comprises a combination of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release (which involves gentle pressure and slow stretching of the connective tissues) and active and positional release techniques.

The massage that I’d give you depends on the activity you’re doing and are about to do. If you’re training for a one-off or special event and you’re after a pre-event massage (usually 1-2 days before the event), the massage will be preparatory in nature (that is, less deep and strong) as I don’t want to be giving your muscles a huge work out before they need to be used! For post-event massages (usually 1-2 days after the event), I’d be more focused on working through the tight muscles that have formed due to participation in the event and moving the blood around to assist in your body’s recovery.

In short, a sports massage may be good for you if you:

  • train or work out regularly and you want to have a maintenance plan for your body for it to operate at its optimum; or
  • are training for one-off events like the City2Surf, marathons, swimming, hiking, etc.

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