The body comprises physical matter (which is our physical bodies) and energetic matter (which is the things that we can’t immediately see with our naked eyes). These two components need nurturing and maintenance. With our physical bodies, we maintain and nurture them through exercising regularly, eating nourishing food, and resting adequately through relaxing and getting a massage.

With our energetic bodies, we maintain and nurture it through preserving a state of balance. This is where energy healing fits in.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing focuses on identifying energy imbalances around the energetic body and working to bring your body back into a state of balance by increasing the natural flow of chi or life force energy in the body.

The energy imbalances can be related to a physical condition but may also be related to some underlying emotional/mental/spiritual thought pattern, conditioning or belief as well.

The energy channeled will go to the particular area of your body that needs it most at that point in time.

An energy healing session may cover the following:

  • removing energetic cords
  • chakra balancing
  • clearing energetic blockages
  • replenishing your energy
  • repairing the auric field

What can I expect from an energy healing session with you?

Expect nothing and everything! Each energy healing session is extremely intuitive – I work with my and your guides and spiritual team, and they direct me to what is required to be worked on at that point in time.

You will most likely feel relaxed and calm during the session and leave feeling lighter, have more energy and happier.

Do we have to talk a lot during an energy healing session? How much talking are we going to do?

It depends on what’s necessary in the session. In some sessions, we won’t talk at all, I simply work on your energetic body. In other sessions, I guide and empower you to facilitate the particular healing on yourself (e.g. I may guide you to make certain visualisations like imagining colour or a waterfall of light). Sometimes I channel messages from your guides or higher self as well – you can generally tell as my voice lowers and becomes quite formal, however I’ll always tell you whether that was a channelled message or not!

At the end of the session, I’ll pass on any other messages that I receive to you (which isn’t necessarily guaranteed as some guides just like to get on with the work as opposed to have a conversation)!

Will you be touching me? Do I need to take my clothes off?

You will be fully clothed during the session. I may work purely hands off, so just within your energetic field, or I may be drawn to place my hands on an area of your body. I will always ask your permission before I do this. Sometimes during the session you may experience physical sensations like tingling, energy flowing through your body, nerve discharges or just feel really relaxed. It is not uncommon for emotions or memories to come up as well.

During a session you might hear me whistle or breathe out loudly, or you might actually see my body shake or shudder. Don’t be alarmed, that is my way of shifting the energies and is perfectly normal!

What tools do you use during an energy healing session?

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What I use will depend on what I am guided to use for that session. Some tools may be:

  • crystals
  • essential oils
  • essences/sprays/Aura Soma
  • sound (e.g. chants, mantras, whistling, tibetan bowls or tinctures)
  • guided meditation.

What energetic healing modalities do you use?

To be honest it’s quite difficult for me to pin-point exactly what energetic modalities I use as I am just channelling whatever the guides choose to put through me but I have been attuned to reiki and seichim (a spiritual energy from ancient Egypt).

Do we have to be in the same room?

No we don’t have to be – you can receive distance energy healing from me. The great thing about energy healing is that distance is no barrier – I can work on you whilst you’re in a different place, and can even send you the healing at a certain time.

Why should I do energy healing?

If you feel stressed out, anxious, mentally exhausted, lacking direction in your life or just feeling like life is stagnant, energy healing helps you focus on why you are feeling the way that you do. Digging deep into the reasons as to why you feel a certain way often uncovers underlying thought patterns and beliefs, which may not serve you well in your current life.

Similarly, if you are in pain and have not managed to figure out the underlying cause of your pain, energy healing, combined together with massage treatments, offers a holistic approach to alleviating pain as the energetic body and physical body are interconnected. Healing on one body component tends to have a positive effect on the other body component.

Energy healing is also useful if you’re feeling tired or lacking some energy as I can assist in opening up your chakras and giving your entire body an energetic boost – much like recharging batteries.

If you have any questions about energy healing, get in touch! Or if you’d like to book a session, click here.