My 1 hour distance healing session is very similar to a 1 hour in-person energy healing session. Whilst you will not be physically present with me during the session – you will be energetically present and I will work with your energetic body.

The session will be conducted with you via phone or Zoom (an online meeting platform) where I will guide you through what areas are blocked, assist you in understanding the underlying causes of that energy blockage and clearing them. There will be a constant communication channel between us during the session.

During this session, it will not be unusual for you to feel certain things in your body like electric impulses, tingling, a sense of heat (whether hot or cold), relaxation or even some movement of various parts of the body. The best thing to do is to keep an open mind and let the session take you where it needs to go.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have physical symptoms that need to be treated, please get advice from your doctor or alternative health practitioner as distance healing is not a substitute to body work or medicine but may complement it greatly.