Each Relax Crystal Pack contains the following five (5) crystals*:

  • Amazonite – helps one to facilitate and adjust to emotional growth
  • Blue Chalcedony – inspires optimism, creativity and gratitude for all life
  • Blue Howlite – reduces stress and calms and soothes nerves
  • Fluorite – eases stress and anxiety
  • Rose Quartz – calming and reassuring

*The size and colour of each crystal may vary. All packs will come wrapped in tissue-paper.

How to use:

  • Ensure you cleanse** the crystals first; and
  • Place them in your pockets or somewhere near your body or use them however you intuitively feel guided to use them.

**How to cleanse the crystals:

There are many ways to cleanse the crystals, for example:

  • with the Cleanse spray;
  • having the smoke from burning palo santo/sage go through;
  • via sound (e.g. tibetan bowls, bells, chanting, etc);
  • running water (or salt water);
  • placing them in the earth for a few hours; or
  • pop them in some rice for a few hours.

Be sure to do some more research on the specific crystal and the best way to cleanse them as some crystals do not like water (i.e. they will disintegrate in water – e.g. Selenite).