Sometimes the underlying cause of a physical symptom may not necessarily be physical, so, whilst a massage may be able to alleviate the symptoms for a bit, the issue will come back unless the underlying cause is addressed.

An intuitive massage combines a massage (usually remedial) with some energy healing which will be channeled through at the same time as the massage is performed. There may be times where I will just have my hands on your body lightly whilst sending energy healing into the area to assist in alleviating the pain, or energy will be moving and re-balancing whilst I’m performing massage on you.

During an intuitive massage session, I may also be guided to go and work on areas of your body that you may not have even thought have a connection to the physical symptoms that you are feeling.

How long do these sessions last?

Intuitive massages are only available for 60 or 90 min sessions.

Can I claim private health insurance on an intuitive massage session?

Not for the entire component and only if the massage is remedial in nature. For example, for a 90 min intuitive massage session, you’d be able to claim the $145 component for a remedial massage and the additional $15 of energy healing cannot be claimed. This will be itemised on the invoice you receipt after your treatment.