Due to maternity leave and the current outbreak of Covid-19, I no longer offer intuitive massages until further notice.

Sometimes the underlying cause of a physical symptom may not necessarily be physical, so, whilst a massage may be able to alleviate the symptoms for a bit, the issue will come back unless the underlying cause is addressed.

An intuitive massage combines a massage (usually remedial) with some energy healing which will be channeled through at the same time as the massage is performed.

There may be times where I will just have my hands on your body lightly whilst sending energy healing into the area to assist in alleviating the pain, or energy will be moving and re-balancing whilst I’m performing massage on you.

During an intuitive massage session, I may also be guided to go and work on areas of your body that you may not have even thought have a connection to the physical symptoms that you are feeling.

How long do these sessions last?

Intuitive massages are only available for 60 or 90 min sessions.

Is this service available in your Wollongong location?

Unfortunately no but I may be able to provide this service to you in your home in Wollongong instead. The prices for this service will be a bit more than the session in the clinic due to travel.

Can I claim private health insurance on an intuitive massage session?

Unfortunately no. I have made the decision to no longer be eligible for private health insurance rebates given the direction my work is going (i.e. more holistic healing rather than a pure physical focus).