About the Trinity Health & Living Energetic Spray Range

The Universe and everything in it, is made up of energy (including ourselves). Many of us have trouble believing in something that cannot be seen or measured. In my previous life as a corporate lawyer, that was me.  I thought the entire thing was bollocks! But the more I began to learn about energy and vibrations and how they affect our lives, I began to realise just how much we can affect our surroundings (with our own thoughts/beliefs/emotions/etc) and how much we could be affected by our surroundings (e.g. a toxic workplace or stressful home situation).

The important thing I want you to know is that we can affect change in our lives by changing our energy. So far, I’ve been doing this mostly in my energy healing sessions with my clients. However, seeing people one-on-one for a session is limited and for me, it wasn’t enough! I wanted to be accessible in one way or another to as many people as possible so that they could easily shift their own energy or the energy of their surroundings to help them take a step closer to being the real them. We are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be, and I’d like to encourage you to begin seeing yourselves and your environment in that light. I’m a firm believer that we need to take responsibility for our own lives, and I created the Trinity Health & Living Energetic Spray Range to help you do exactly that.

Each spray in the Trinity Health & Living Energetic Spray Range has been designed with a specific purpose – whether it’s to help you be more relaxed and less anxious, to help give you a bit more clarity, to give you a boost of energy when you’re feeling down or just to help you clear the energetic space.

Each spray has been formulated with ingredients of a high vibrational quality that has been intuitively chosen by me to give every single one of us the maximum benefit. In addition, each spray has been infused with energy healing to further enhance the spray’s properties and purpose so that the spray will always give you what you need at the time of use.

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To check our my Energetic Spray range, head over here. In summary, I have the following sprays:

How to use the Sprays

Sometimes we can let things get to us, and the Trinity Health & Living Sprays are great to shift the energies within a room or around your body  quickly to give you the boost or emotional support that is needed at that point in time.

I believe in self-empowerment – so I’ll leave it in your capable hands to decide how and when you want to use it.

Some examples of how the spray can be used however are on your own body/aura, in a room or space or however you intuitively want to use it (of course, make sure you use it within reason as some of the ingredients may cause irritation to your eyes and I wouldn’t recommend ingesting it).