How do I use the Energetic Sprays?

Some examples of how the spray can be used are on your own body/aura, in a room or space or however you intuitively want to use it (of course, make sure you use it within reason as some of the ingredients may cause irritation to your eyes and I wouldn’t recommend ingesting it).

I believe in self-empowerment – so I’ll leave it in your capable hands to decide how and when you want to use it.

How do I purchase and/or order the Energetic Sprays?

To purchase your energetic spray, please feel free to contact me directly or order via the “Add to Cart” buttons on the product pages.

Is shipping included in the price, and if not, how much is shipping?

The prices quoted on my website are exclusive of shipping. Shipping will be calculated at check-out.

Unfortunately given Australian postal regulations regarding transport of dangerous goods, I am unable to ship or sell the sprays internationally.

Can I pick up the Energetic Sprays from you instead?

Sure! You can pick them up from me at the Better Balance Clinic (located at Level 4, 139 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW) between 9am – 6.30pm on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you do plan to pick them up, please drop me an email so I know the approximate time you’re coming (as I might be in a session with a client at that time).

Alternatively, if you are a client at Cultivate Recovery in Darlinghurst, we can arrange for you to pick up your sprays from there too.

I can’t get into the City to pick up the sprays and I don’t want to pay for the postage. What can I do?

Essence and Soul Therapies, based out at Baulkham Hills, stocks my sprays. So if you’re out that way, it may be best to contact Sarah Knox (the owner of Essence and Soul Therapies) to arrange a time to purchase the sprays.

Do you sell wholesale?

Sure do. If you’re interested in becoming a wholesaler, please contact me.

How do I pay for this?

There are a few options:

  • Pay online;
  • Bank transfer (details will be provided upon check-out); or
  • Pay face to face in one of the clinics.

If you prefer to pay me face to face at any of my clinics, payments via card will attract a surcharge of 1.9% and or course I accept cash.

If you have paid via bank deposit, please send me a screenshot of the transaction receipt so I can begin to process the order.

Please note that the goods will be dispatched after your payment has cleared.

When can I expect my order?

This one is a bit tough as I will be using Australia Post but on average it should take between 3 – 7 working days. The reason why it could take longer is because of the nature of the ingredients in the sprays, the sprays can only be transported via road and not air.

If you’re picking them up from me, I may already have stock but if not, they’ll be ready in 1-3 days from the date payment is taken.