Tumbled Stones

amazonite crystal sydney cbdAmazonite

$4 per piece

apache tears obsidian crystal sydney cbd

Apache Tears Obsidian

$4 per piece

Blue Chalcedony crystal sydney cbd

Blue Chalcedony

$4 per piece

blue howlite crystal sydney cbdBlue Howlite

$5 per piece

carnelian crystal sydney cbdCarnelian

$5 per piece

cherry quartz sydney cbd

Cherry Quartz

$5 per piece

chiastolite crystal sydney cbd


$5 per piece

chrysocolla crystal sydney cbd


$5 per piece

Fluorite crystal sydney cbd


$5 per piece

hematite crystal sydney cbdHematite

From $1 per piece

jade crystal sydney cbdJade

$5 per piece

lapis lazuli crystal sydney cbd

Lapis Lazuli

$7 per piece

mookaite crystal sydney cbdMookaite (Australian Jasper)

$5 per piece

prehnite crystal sydney cbd


$6 per piece

Rose quartz sydney cbd

Rose Quartz

$5 per piece

rutilated quartz sydney cbd

Rutilated Quartz

$6 per piece

sodalite crystal sydney cbdSodalite

$6 per piece

calcite crystal sydney cbdYellow Calcite

$5 per piece

Crystal Packs

These crystal packs are the perfect accompaniment to the Energetic Sprays or you can use them on their own – up to you! You can place them in your pockets or ladies, place them in your bra!

All of the crystals in each pack have been intuitively chosen to match the qualities of the particular Energetic Spray.

Cleanse Crystal Pack energy healing sydney cbd



Clarity Crystal Pack energy healing sydney cbd



Invigorate Crystal pack energy healing sydney cbd



Relax Crystal Pack energy healing sydney cbd



Festivity Crystal Pack energy healing sydney cbd