Mini Branding Photoshoot with Penelope Prior Photography

As a woman owning a small business, it can be really tough to get momentum and traction going, so I’ve teamed up with Aleesha, the owner of Soulibrium and Penelope, the owner of Penelope Prior Photography, and we’ve created a little Mini Branding Photoshoot Day on Sunday 28 July 2024 from 11.15am.

There is no energy healing involved in this day – it is more for people who own a small business and are wanting to get it off the ground. I thought it was a perfect thing to do given my latest creative outburst regarding the Business Energy Clearings!

I met Penelope by beautiful synchronicity in 2020 and we are now wonderful friends! I have always admired her ability to capture the real essence of a person, family, pet or a product in her photography, and Penelope is the one who has taken the majority of the photography of me and my products for my business, not to mention she was my photographer at my wedding (I was lucky she said yes). I have to say, without her photography, the energy of my business would have been a bit dull, very sterile, and not a 100% reflection of who I am.

The purpose of this day is for small business owners who would like to work on their branding, to get a few professional shots done of you (yes you, your face because you are the brains of the business so no hiding behind text or stock images or your products). The photos are done in a 15 min session with a beautiful and simple neutral background so that it highlights you and your energy.

For $275,  you will receive 8 digital photos (chosen by you), and you will have the right to use these photos in whatever way you want (e.g. on your website, socials, marketing collateral, videos, etc). This amounts to about $34 per photo with very broad usage rights. If you want to take advantage and have some photos taken of your products at the same time, you can purchase 5 additional product photos for $50 (which amounts to $10 per product photo, again with unlimited usage rights).

Some examples of the types of photos that Penelope will take on the day are below.

It really is worth considering if you’re thinking about starting a business, at the early stages of setting up your business, or wish for a refresh and renewal of your existing business. I can tell you for a fact that the energy of your business changes quite a bit (for the better) once you put your actual photos up as opposed to using the free stock photos!

I’ll be around on the day to help with the flow and ease of the event, and you can also get a taste of the EES whilst you’re waiting for your time in front of the lens!

Here are the details:

  • Date: Sunday 28 July 2024
  • Time: 11.15am – 2.15pm
  • Location: Soulibrium Wellness Center, Level 1, 94-98 Railway St, Corrimal NSW 2518 (the Club Lime building)
  • Investment: $275 for 8 digital photos, unlimited usage rights. Optional add on of $50 for 5 product photos.

Here’s some examples of the types of photos that may be taken on the day: